Happy <3

Our baby girl is getting so big! We are hoping and praying she holds out for at least 2 more weeks or even to her C-section date! Our next appointment we will be scheduled a date & we can’t be more excited all though she has tried to come early so many times and I’ve had to get so many shots to boost her lungs it’s all been worth it, I’m still dilated to a 3 and probably won’t dilate anymore where she isn’t head down, which is a good thing!! & I also couldn’t ask for better doctors they have been amazing about stopping her from coming. We want her to be as healthy as possible She is very stubborn and still breeched but that’s okay she is acting like big brother already. 🥰

Cheers to me for making it to 9 months when the doctors didn’t think we’d make it past week 32.♥️