Aces and aros being misunderstood and I’m tired of ittt

Asexuals and aromantics are by far the most misunderstood and overlooked group of the LGBTQA+ spectrum for real. Like, I tell anyone I’m an ace and they’re like “aren’t u just saving urself for marriage?” Or “ah ur parents don’t want you having sex right” or you’re just a “prude”.

AND THEN you get into that weird explanation of how you just don’t want to have sex and everyone still misunderstands and thinks you just are not matured or you haven’t tried it yet......

No, Barbara, I don’t want to try it. At all. That’s why I’m ace.

“Well, don’t you get horny?” “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” “Oh sweetie that’ll change”

Horny not equal to sex, boyfriend not equal to sex, and Barbara once AGAIN just shhhh you’re making a fool of yourself

And then you kinda just give up... Why is it so hard to understand 🤦🏼‍♀️