Lo wakes up for 2-3 hours in the night


I’m having an argument with my husband right now as my toddler will wake up around 11-12am and stay up for hours at night some nights other nights she sleeps through. I have no idea why she does this some nights and what is going wrong. Well he goes and reads one stinking article and starts saying oh it’s like it says here that she is just not tired and that’s why she wakes up and that he feels sorry for her that I’ve been keeping her in the dark quiet bed until she falls back asleep. He says that’s wrong and I must let her out of bed to play in the middle of the night. I’m like are you flipping nuts?? Like this idiot reads ONE thing and says oh that’s it and your a bad mom and doing it wrong. What do you gals think? Any input would help. Ps when she wakes up she is happy as long as I’m with her, she only cries when I leave her side. She has one nap a day after being awake for 4-5 hours and naps anywhere between 1-2 hours (2 hours if I put her back to sleep after she wakes up after an hour) So please if anyone out there has experienced this and solved it I would love to hear. I never sleep trained her because her father would call me a bad mom for letting her cry.

UPDATE: She has gone back to sleeping through the night... So strange as nothing changed that am aware of 🤔