Not trying yet I still have line eyes

Cassity • Laila 05/15/17, Xander 4/10/18, and Grace 11/06/2019

Can I get more eyes on it? Here's the backstory:

I was spotting last month for what seemed like no reason. Then I got my normal period January 2nd. But it was much longer than normal which happened when I was pregnant with my son. I started spotting 2 days ago which also happened with my son. And im super emotional/quick with my anger. I do have PMDD though so I'm able to pinpoint exactly when my moods will be extremely off. However, these mood swings don't fall in line with my PMDD. The timing is way off so I honestly don't know what else could be going on. Also let me know if these pics are blurry on your phones. They show up blurry on mine but only when I upload to Glow