First Period.

Well today it happened. For the first time in 3 months since I lost the most precious gift. I was expecting to test today too, I was so sure i was pregnant again, I had symptoms but of course they were mistaken for the wrong thing. But this first period shall not be taken for a curse but more of a blessing for now I can actually start calculating the estimated day for my grand ovulation day and try again for the rainbow blessing I deserve! As for everyone reading this post I pray that you look at you period as a chance to keep trying, because you will succeed and see those positive tests again. And you will prevail! You WILL hold your baby in your arms and you will be a mother. Don’t let sorrow hold you down like it did me, yes I was so heart broken that I went into a short depression but I rose above that depression with determination not to held down by the thought of what did happen but what WILL happen. And that is I WILL be a Mother!!