Ladies , does this seem normal? Quick read. Please help!

I love my husband but I feel like he sucks the life out of me . He doesn’t allow me to be myself. Everytime I act myself or wanna just have a little fun , or say something funny/goofy around people he gets so’s never anything off the wall though. When we went to Vegas the other week, I could only have one beer all day. I couldn’t dance like people do and have fun without him telling me that I “looked stupid and people were laughing at me” That’s what people do in and have a good time! When we were dating he use to be so much fun . Now I feel controlled and locked in my own body. He’s not fun at all and finds everything I do embarrassing. If I’m having too much fun he assumes I’m drunk and gets annoyed...then scolds me back at the hotel. I can’t deal. I feel so lifeless around him. It’s sad . Been married for 3 years . No children . Both 26 years old . Am I over reacting? Is this normal?