Prayers and baby dust please 🙏🙏 i nerd a miracle


So on June 19th 2016 I found out I was pregnant, 8-10 weeks I was so happy and in shock. June 24th 2016 I was headed to my second job and a semi truck hit me.... I was rushed into surgery and I lost the baby because of the crash. Took me four months to get back to work from that let alone to drive again.... Fast forward to to June 24th 2017( a year exactly after the accident) ... I was on my way home from work it was 11:30ish at night and I was already cautious driving as it was the anniversary of my car crash the year before. I was almost home. I was literally turning onto my street when a lady and her husband hit me going 70 mph in a 30 without their lights on smh. It took me a year to drive again after that. I mean what are the odds getting into two serious car accidents the exact same day a year apart.... I was scared to get in a car again.... Fast forward to October 2018... I had a miscarriage. And here we are today praying I get my BFP this month. I don't want pity I just want prayers 🙏🙏🙏 I seriously need them as I had a chemical again in December. I've had so much bad luck I'm praying this year is different. Y'all just please pray for me it would mean the world 😇 and all I can say is WHAT DOESNT KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER.