HELP - Promise Ring for Him...stupid or cute?

Hey girls! So my guy and I have been together for over a year now and I’ve thought about getting him a promise ring for a while now, even before he got me one. (But I wanted him to get me one first lol). So anyway, as they don’t really make promise rings for men, and my ring looks like an engagement ring, I got him a wedding band. It’s the style he likes. However, I’m scared he won’t like it or find it stupid. He’s the best guy I could’ve ever asked for. He’s sweet and sensitive and likes cheesy shit. But he’s never had a ring before, and someone in my family kind of made fun of me getting it for him. It came in yesterday and I’ve been nervous to give it to him ever since. I asked my mom and my sister what they thought, and they said to play it out and be like “oh so and so got her bf a promise ring...” but I feel like he’ll catch onto me. Plus, I’m scared he will find it stupid 😂. I’ve never thought he’d find it stupid until someone said something. It’s just not a common thing like it is for girls. But why shouldn’t guys get sentimental stuff like that, too?

So tell me what you think:

Stupid? Should I kinda ask him about it? Or should I just woman up and give it to him tonight like I planned on it?

Here’s a pic of the ring:

Please ignore my nails my appointment is Saturday 😂😂