Cheating Narcissistic Husband..

Alicia • 🎂22 👦🏻Mom 🚑EMT

Two nights ago I saw a message on my husbands phone saying “goodnight cutie pie” I called it and it was a woman whom claimed she had been talking to him for a week from a dating app and she met him 2 days ago when he said he was going to hangout with friends and he tried to have sex with her but she was uncomfortable as they barely met he told her he had sex two weeks ago with another female (not me) as we had sex a day before they met. He told me he loved me before they met and came home and cuddled with me like nothing. I confronted him before he left for work. He said he will not be coming home as he will be staying with friends and said “sorry I’m a fuck up” but as he said it he wasn’t being sincere it was as if he really didn’t give a fuck. So I’m here broken hearted, 7 years down the drain, with a 5 year old son who keeps asking where his dad is. Y’all I am REALLY going through it right now I can’t stop crying, can’t stop blaming myself, can’t stop missing him. I’ve lost myself in my relationship he and my son where my whole world. Any advice on how to get through this?