Weridest symptoms...


Hello ladies I’m 11dpo today and on my 14 month of TTC! I want to know your weridest symptoms you had before you found out you got a BFP! This TWW has been a little odd lol I want to see if maybe this is my month finally!!

-I’ve been constipated for 3 days this is day 4 of not pooping 🙈 sorry TMI I know .

- slightly moody , could be due to not pooping though

- smell is a little different I could smell some things from far away when normally my sniffer kinda sucks

- coffee was kinda blah today

- I got acne a few days ago normally that doesn’t happen till my period starts I’m 26.

- slightly tired

- milk headaches the last few days

- boobs are sore but I have DDD so they are always hurting

- lower back pains , mainly at night / evening.

Maybe I’m crazy or 14 months is making me extra sensitive to everything. Let me know what you think ladies! My periods in 3 days!