40+1 ugh

Amy • 32, Milo James 3/5/20 & Grayson Kade 1/22/19, Happily Married, Runner, Social Worker.

At my OB appt. yesterday she had told me that I was still at 1cm, soft cervix, but super high.

She set me up for an induction day of this Sunday. I will go in for cervidil Sunday evening and 12 hours later on Monday at 8:30am be given pitocin to start induction.

I’m still hoping for him to come on his own. I’ve continued to walk 2 miles a day, until now with some snow storms (I’ve fallen far two many times, so now with more snow/ice on the ground, no thanks). We’ve tried it all for naturally inducing, so now I’m leaving it to the Lord and my baby boy.

But! With this now scheduled, I’m freaking out. Did anyone else feel this way? I wish it were to happen spontaneously so I’d have no choice, but scheduling it is definitely throwing me off. I’m, for the first time, scared for my little guy to come.