Baby breech-chose c-section, am I bad mother?

Monika • 4 years of infertility, 4 ivf cycles. Miracle baby Elias 01/2019 👪, another on the way. Miracles happen

Hi All,

I am sorry for maybe long post but since I returned from the hospital I do not feel very good about the choice I did today.

To explain - we have tried to have a baby for more than 4 years. We did 4 unsuccessful <a href="">ivf</a> cycles, 1 miscarriage. And before 5th transfer I have miraculously felt pregnant.

The whole time I was afraid of losing the baby and prayed that all finishes well.

At 36 weeks my baby is still breech and looks he is pretty big already (3kg)

In hospital they have me today choice if I want to wait for natural delivery and « try » to deliver breech baby. Of course with no guarantee that at the end I won’t finish with c-section. Or if I want to schedule directly the c-section with « all the problems this can bring to baby » such a health and psychical problems later.

I chose to have a c-section as delivery seemed to me more risky way. Now I feel like I am putting my baby in danger because he can be later ill :-(

You can judge me if you want - I will be happy for every feedback

Thank you ladies for reading