Safe Bassinets


Can I ask a silly question? I’m actually super confused. Through this whole pregnancy, i’ve convinced myself the it will be best if we try and sleep baby in his crib, in his room (short walk down the hall). Our bedroom is fairly small. I plan on breastfeeding and my husband works every morning which an hour long commute at 6am that I worry about him driving tired (he has nodded off while driving before and had a small accident..luckily it was small).

My question is, I am silly for thinking that would have been practical? And, what bassinets are safest if choosing one because I’m confused about their safety where bumper pads in a crib are such a concern. Bassinets are usually enclosed with fabric so how do they not pose the same threats?

i also thought it would be good to sleep baby in his crib in his room to get him to adjust. I hear a lot of moms having trouble getting their babies to sleep in their own cribs/rooms after the 6months at the bedside. We started going to prenatal classes and the instructor REALLY stressed bedside sleeping for 6months to a year...