Boyfriend Looking at Internet Babes

My boyfriend & I have been dating for almost a year & a half and he is great and we’re very much in love. A couple weeks ago I saw in his YouTube history that he was watching video after video of slutty girls with great bodies prancing around on a boat. I felt so hurt and I said to him,”why do you have all of these bikini girl ass videos in your history?” And he said, “oh I was just seeing what that was.” Excuse me but 7 videos in a row which you watched in their entirety is not just “seeing what it was.” I am a distance runner and I workout all the time and have a good body but I’m never going to look like those internet girls and I just feel hurt and not good enough. I mean shouldn’t just my body be enough for him? I am constantly going out of my sexual comfort zone to keep him happy and we have sex every day. We have pretty much moved past it and he said he would stop looking at porn and things like that if it means that much to me. But I’m having a really hard time getting over it. I can’t stop comparing myself to those girls and thinking that’s what he wants and I’ll never be that. I have struggled with an eating disorder for a long time and I feel like this is making me move in the wrong direction. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get over this?