How to get you pregnancy body back


I gained 30lb during my pregnancy making my 5’2 and a 150lbs after I had her I only lost 5lbs and since then I’ve only lost 8lbs all together. She’s 4 months now 😩 I’m only 22 I thought I’d SnapBack but while she was in nicu for a month I spent a lot of time depressed in nicu snacking. I regret not wearing my postnatal belt I wore it for like a week before I got annoyed. I’m currently on a keto diet but the weight falls off so slowly. Any advice? Can I still try my prenatal belt or is it to late ? With her having medical issues it’s constant appointments so I barely have time to exercise that’s why I chose the diet route but my diet can’t be to extreme Becca I’m breastfeeding! Moms who got their body back how’s you do it Please help I just wanna feel good about myself again