I really should not be left alone....


I as a human being like to make really poor choices

i personally like to make spur of the moment choices! got a tattoo spur of the moment, got married spur of the moment, got a cat spur of the moment!

Now not all of my choices are bad, some I have come to regret, for example the cat I got was a demon from hell! But thats besides the point, she was my orange ball of fury.

Anyway, back to poor choices.... the day before my due date with my first son, I decided "I'm going to chop off all of my hair." ALL OF IT! And im not going to tell anyone or get advice or nothimg before hand...... y'all. I LOOKED LIKE A FUCKING MUSHROOM!!!! worst descion of my life!!! And ive made a lot of shitty choices! I digress... then shortly after I decided, imma go blonde, because im already an idiot! I'm Hispanic, dark eyebrows, tanned, brown eyes, has no business trying to pull off blonde Hispanic.....

fast forward about 4 months, its the day before my husband is supposed to leave for basic training. Im a hot mess, I just started my period, im emotional, irrational, and hormonal! So what does my dumb ass decide to do? Lets get bangs! BUT, I could totally do them myself... yes. yes, I cut my own bangs. why? who the hell knows?

heres my mushroom head self

fucking bangs😭

so here we are tonight..... 25 weeks pregnant.... ready to make another dumb ass mistake.... left unattended.

fucking chopped off about 5 inches... by myself.... because I am irrational and my husband wasnt home to talk me out of it....