Senior Prom


So lovely ladies of the <a href="">Eve</a> community I am seeking some opinions/advice. See my boyfriend of 3 years has informed me that he isnt doing a prom proposal. I am totally okay with this since I kind of figured we were going together anyways. However, after seeing other girls get prom proposals from their long term boyfriends (some simple and some fancy) I kind of feel sad that my bf wont do one for me. Stuff like this isnt really part of his love langauge. Many people have suggested the idea of me asking him which I already have an idea for. He said he would ask me to prom if I really wanted him to but I'm not going to ask him to do so.

I always had this image of want I would want my senior prom to look like. Things like photoshoot, corsages, or a prom prososal are kind what made prom so exciting. Obviously, it's not required for me. I will go with him anyways. I just feel disappointed it doesnt include any of those things. Ladies, am I unrealistic about this? And should I go ahead and ask him?