I think my dad is suicidal

Long story short my mom is literally crazy and violent. She abused my entire family but lied, manipulated, and brainwashed to the point that my routinely abused sister still lives with her as an adult and denies anything happened. She almost killed me and I was the only one to escape. The family blamed me and cut me off because they didn’t want to admit what was happening.

My dad recently started reaching out and though our relationship is still very tentative, he’s been showing interest in starting over with me. It sounds like my mom has scapegoated him and kicked him out of the family. He’s living alone in another state though they’re not divorced and he lost his jobs so he’s looking for another one. My mom spent all his money so he can’t retire. He just sent me a text asking what I think is the point of living. He says it’s just work, eat, sleep and he feels like his existence is meaningless. He would never go to therapy on his own and he’s on the other side of the country so I can’t help him. What should I say to him? I’m just at a loss and honestly concerned.