Changing when ttc for work?

Background: I've been married for 5 years, no kids, early 30s, I make a comfortable salary, but my husband's is our primary income. (Nearly double mine.) I work in corporate accounting. I was recently promoted and am one of two seniors managing our department. Year end is our busiest time of year; crazy hours, mandatory weekends, all hands on deck, etc.

We started ttc in September and it took a few months, but we lucked out. When I got pregnant the timing was such that I would be back from maternity leave two weeks before year end. It was perfect!

Unfortunately, I miscarried last week.

Now I'm debating trying through February and March, at the risk of succeeding and being out for year end, or waiting to start again until April or May to ensure that I'd still be at work through January.

I could always go back earlier on an adjusted schedule, or simply take a shorter maternity leave if I did conceive in February, but I think that time at home is important. My boss is a very understanding, but a child free career focused woman. I don't have a reliable gauge on how she would react. We've discussed my career path and her intention is to groom me to step into her roll in 2020.

What would you do? Did you time your pregnancy around work demands? Is it unprofessional not to? If you didn't, we're there unforseen consequences?