Did anybody else’s baby not move at their 12w ultrasound?

I’m not gonna lie I’m starting to get super nervous. We saw the baby at 12 weeks 1 day. It wasn’t moving like I’ve seen others, but baby’s hand was up by its face. It had a heart beat of 164 and they said everything looked great. Went back at 16 weeks 1 day and she used the Doppler to get a heart rate. I didn’t hear anything and it took her a while to find it. She said that sloshing I heard was the baby moving away from the Doppler. She said there was a lot of movement and baby’s heart rate was 146. Like I said, I was nervous bc I didn’t actually hear anything. Also I’m 17 weeks 1 day now, I am overweight, but I haven’t felt “flutters” or movement of any kind at all. Nothing I’ve even been like “oh maybe that’s baby”. Nothing. I’m getting nervous!! Reassurance please 😊