Spotting 😩 poss vvvvvf line?


So I’m now 12 DPO and AF is according to my app due in 2 days, last night I had a small amount of blood, was more like a (mucus brown colour) not much, now this morning it’s red and watery! Enough for a tampon but not heavy! So I’m now left wondering it’s AF that has showed up early to the not welcome party or Im spotting!! I had my first morning pee and didn’t test, drank coffee and got on with getting ready for work....about to leave and needed a pee so decided use a test and see! I’m pretty sure it’s a negative this month given I was sick and also on antibiotics but I’m also possibly (insert I have line eyes from looking at it way too much) sure I see a vvvvvf line! Who thought trying for a second baby would be way harder than the first (Guess that’s what happens when you leave it 5 years and then turn 38) oh and how sad my life is now spent on the toilet a few times a month watching intensely for a line on a plastic stick 😂😂😂