Is she really advanced or we are being just parents..?

When she first born both me and my husband struggled a lot with our baby girl. She is our first, we don’t have much experience. She born with wide awake eyes, smiled at us less than 36 hours after she born and never liked sleeping like a new born supposed to. We were looking at each other with scared eyes while she was one day old and “hanging out” with us at the hospital and the baby in the next cot was dead asleep except feeding times. When people called us to congratulate her birth, we didn’t know how to answer the question if she opened her eyes yet because apparently new borns were not that “awake” but she wasn’t.

Weeks followed harder, she slept around 12 hours a day from get-go, was very sensitive to all stimulants like heat, noise, light... Was highly uncomfortable when we go outdoors etc.

She was following my finger around at about 2 weeks old, was clearly enjoying being read around 2 months and would paying attention to images,drawings on each page. Was carrying a big smile on her face all day long and loud laughters came as early as 7-8 weeks old.

Fast forward 7th month, she said her first two words at the same time. Started cruising holding furnitures, the love for books gone further.

By 9th month she kind of overcame her fear of out doors and we finally started getting out of the home more without her crying all the time. AND at our first play-date at 9 months, people started to point out how advanced she is. By then she was saying about 5-6 words, understanding 10-15 words. Trying to mimic animal sounds, was very very social and acknowledging almost everything that has been going around. Like she would greet people with a smile when they first walk in the room.

Today at almost 15 month she can talk +75 words (in 2 languages combined) and her vocabulary is probably more than double of it cause she understands a lot. She points at the letters or numbers on anywhere and either says ABC (for letters) or 1-8-9 for numbers... She knows the names/sounds of more than 30 animal and can point at around 50 animals correctly. Showed her basic body parts around 11 months and now knows them in more detail in 2 languages.

She loves going to the museum and even tells us to take us to “big elephant”😂 Knows bunch of vehicles like bus, car, truck...When I take her to pet-smart and tell her to take me to fish isle or cat isle she walks me there. She says her name and age when asked since 12 months.

She can bring me the book I refer by name since 11 months. She has 5 Dr Seuss books with same size and design but she still knows which one is which one.

SO the question is what should we do with this information..? Our pedi at 12th month appt said her advancement for her age -especially in language development- is remarkable and we should keep doing what we do: read, play animal, shape, color cards etc. However I am not that sure...Are we doing everything right if she is really advanced? Or we are being another parent who thinks their baby is a genius😂? I am curious if any other experienced parent out there can help us to understand better? Please give your honest/brutal opinion✌🏼