Omg omg omg! Ovulation! Everyone read his!


Okay this is insane. I know a lot of you on here are obviously trying to conceive as am I. We've been trying for about 8 months. Well I've never taken ovulation tests before I've just tracked my period and "expected" ovulation day on my <a href="">glow app</a>. So... my expected ovulation day is not until this Sunday. But all day today I swear I felt like I was peeing my pants (not kidding) I ordered a big pack of ovulation and pregnancy tests off amazon so I could really see if these things worked.. I've been testing since Sunday evening. My "expected" ovulation day is Sunday. Just took a test and BAM!!! That thing came up within 5 seconds super super quick. Moral of the story is be sure to take ovulation test just in case you are off like I was. If you miss that window when you're supposed to release your egg then you have to wait again until next month. I obviously ovulated before I expected.

Clearly this is a positive test and it's BD time!!! Praying and feeling so hopeful this month! We are in this together baby dust to everyone trying to conceive you are definitely not alone! Posting a picture of the box I ordered. 50 ovulation and 50 pregnancy tests. Super cheap off amazon. They even come with little pamphlets!

Good luck everyone! ❤️👶🏻