Breastfeeding on demand

Andie • First time mommy to Emilio David 🥰

Has anyone else been told that you’re overfeeding your baby? My boy was born on december 1st and has been exclusively breastfed since. He gained 3lbs and 10oz at his 5week checkup, so his pediatrician told me to limit his feeds to every 3 hrs and 3oz max bc his weight gain was too much.

He was having a little bit of reflux which made it hard for him to fall asleep, so I listened to his doctor and it got waaay better.

A week after this, my LO began to cry a lot, specially at night. We were really worried bc nothing seemed to calm him. I fed him after 1.5 hrs of his last feeding and he was a happy baby and slept though the night. Since that night, I began to feed on demand, and My gut tells me he's fine bc he naps well, sleeps well and has regular wet diapers.

What do you think? Has anyone had this experience?