Switching from breast to bottle


I'm looking for advice/opinions on whether to switch from breast to bottle. I know the benefits of breast feeding, and my LO was exclusively BF for 4 weeks and then we added a bottle or two before bed to supplement/allow my husband to help for the last two weeks.

To be honest, I'm thinking of switching mostly for convenience. My LO needs feeding every 2 hours, and feeds often last 45 minutes (including fussing and a break between boobs). I'm exhausted, and I can't get anything done.

My concerns are that the two bottles we give her at night (before bed and first time she wakes) don't really last much longer. She's only 6 weeks and guzzles 5oz each time, sometimes even needing 5/10 minutes in the boob aswell to settle! But the time between the two feeds is 3 hours max, so I'm worried moving to formula won't make much of a difference and I'll regret it.

I also considered continuing to express after switching so she can still have a few bottles of breast milk a day too. I don't get much from expressing currently but thought I could maybe do it twice a day? I'm not sure if that's reasonable or would even maintain my supply?

Other reasons for considering switching include easing my rheumatoid arthritis. I have it quite badly in my wrists and it's getting difficult to hold her while feeding. I went into remission while pregnant but now it's back and quite painful. If feeds aren't solely my responsibility, and stop taking as long, it will make this easier. Plus I find it easier to bottle feed with my wrist supports on as she needs less support than when she's on the boob. I also have to use nipple shields so it can be quite fiddly/tricky to keep her and the shield in place.

All opinions welcome!