Section 8 dilemma

So I am posting this anonymously because I don’t know how most of you will take it, maybe some of you will take it the wrong way and some of you won’t.

Usually I’m the type of person who keeps to their self and you do you heck I don’t care, but in this situation it crossed the line.

My cousin has section 8 and she has a disability, but she was so excited to get a place of her own, her mother helped her move but made the huge mistake of giving my cousins brother a key to her place. My cousin’s name is the only name on the lease. No she did not add him. So he just moved him and his gf in her section 8 house, they both do not have jobs, refuse to get jobs, both do drugs, and she’s pregnant, oh and they took over my cousins car because theirs got repoed because they didn’t make anymore payments.

So last night my cousin comes over asking to spend the night for a couple of nights because she cannot even sleep in her own house and scared to kick them out. They basically took advantage of her, they make her feel bad for everything,

It was my aunts fault for giving them the key in the first place and I’ve tried telling her to get them out but she feels bad for them because his gf is pregnant, but why help them when they won’t help their selves.

What should I do?

She’s scared she’ll lose her section 8 and it took her a long time to get it.