Could I still get a positive past 10 days late?

I’m worried that there could be some weird reason for me being 10 days late... pregnancy would be the best option😅 I’m just scared to go to the doctors incase they say I’ve got something wrong with me.

Over the last year and a half I’ve lost 5 stone 7 pounds since ive stopped having my depo injection.

-I was 13 stone 8 in sept 2017

-and I am now 8 stone 1

I lost the first 2 stone by being on the keto diet...

And I have just done a BMI calculator and it says I am 16.7 which is underweight when I should be anywhere between 18 and 25 which is 8 stone 13 and 12 stone 1 pound. I have been eating whatever I like, whenever I like and the weights just dropped off me. Before I started having depo I was always around 9 stone 10.

My mum said to me last night “you don’t want to lose any more weight, you might want to go to the doctors” ... and it’s just made me think what if I am too skinny?? And this is stopping my periods...

I have thought the last week that I might be pregnant as my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex a few times around my fertile days, so I just figured this would be why my period was late as I was pregnant... I have also been having what I guess was pregnancy symptoms such as super sticky blobby cm, cramps in my stomach and a washing machine feeling. I have also been feeling dizziness and when I feel dizzy my ears pop and I feel like the rooms spinning. I just thought these were pregnancy symptoms and didn’t think anything else of it .

I am now 19dpo and AF is 10 days late... I haven’t been stressed recently so I don’t think it could be that.

I have tested with a first response early test this morning and it was negative... kind of hoping I am and don’t have something wrong with me...🤞🏼 just scared to go to the doctors..

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