Am I wrong?


Ok so I recently became A stay at home mom I was working a full-time job but my job is only seasonal so I work six months and get six months off with pay now I stay home with my one and ahalf-year-old a four-year-old and I take my two other children to school i’m also 25 weeks, I’m such a clean freak that my house stays clean yes even with young ones they have there lil area with toys n all but lately my bf hasn’t been doin his part on helping with anything he gets off work in throws everything every where tracks threw the house with mud if he shaves leave hair every where clothes he takes off leaves laying around knowing I just cleaned i clean I cook take care of the kids play with the kids it’s exhausting I’m to the point were I’m done picking up my back is killing me I’m so uncomfortable and dnt sleep thew out the night I told him I’m not cleaning the house that it’s his turn and I haven’t in I’m going nuts cause it’s a mess still lol but I’m trying to make a point am I wrong ?

I’m not old fashion to were the girl should do everything for there man we are equal dnt get me wrong I cook serve his plate wash his clothes before u judge