Controlling or normal?

My boyfriend has been liking girls selfies and he did so in front of me the other day and when I asked him to see he got all defensive. Later on when it was just the two of us he asked me what my deal was and I told him how it upset me that he likes other girls selfies, I don’t care if he likes group photos or food or whatever on another girls page but selfies are a no no to me and I tried explaining that to him but he wouldn’t listen. I told him it’s a respect thing, other people can see that he’s liked these photos and that I don’t go around liking guys photos or shirtless pictures but he just continued to argue with me and told me I’m being overly insecure and controlling. Do you think I’m controlling or is this a normal thing of respect in a relationship? What should I do?

Side note: we’ve been dating for 2 years, live together, and have a dog together.

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