Idk what’s going on anymore!!!


So I got what I thought was a faint positive a few days ago and was so excited finally cause the line was definitely there and was pink. So not a evap line cause I checked it with in the time frame. But I tried test the next day to see it the line was getting darker and it didn’t. I still saw a line but not like the other one I got and now I feel like I’m getting negative tests..... I was so excited to give my husband this gift for his birthday but I was trying to get a test that was a clear positive and now I have no idea what is going on... my AF is 2 days late and there’s no sign of it coming to be honest... has anyone been through this and still been pregnant or was it just a fluke??? I was just so excited to get my rainbow baby and now I feel like it was just ripped away from me.... I don’t know what to do or think... here’s the picture of the test that was positive and the ones after.....


First two are from the test I thought was a positive.... other two are after..... so idk I’m so confused... any help is appreciated, and please no rube comments, I’m serious not in the mood for any of that right now. Thank you.