Only when it’s convenient for him

Since dating my SO (1 year) I have never been able to “start” sex. Let me explain ... whenever we’re in bed and going to fool around he kind of always the one to start the foreplay and what not whenever he is in the mood and I always go along because I’m always in the mood! But the night where I try to start something, he always pushes me away. And when I say push , I mean physically with his hands. And it is such a shitty feeling ... last night I go to start giving him hand job and he pulled my hand away so fast and I’m just so tired of having sex or giving him head when it’s convenient for him or only when he wants it.i told him all of this last night about how that makes me feel unwanted and he just kept saying “no baby” and then feel asleep. So today he comes home all lovey and goes to start fingering me and I push his hand away. One of the hardest things to do and all I kept saying was no no no. And he was like are you serious? Ladies let me tell you I’ve never denied him sex. And I explained to him why. He climbed off top of me and was not mad at all but very disappointed. I’m just at a loss right now ... he told me he never going to make me feel that way anymore but I mean he’s been doing it for a year ... did I also make the right decision by denying him? Thoughts? Comments? I’m open to any and all criticism