Omg tell me what this means with this guy I just met??

so I met this guy a week ago and we already have had 3 dates and we’ve talked nonstop for like 8 hours, it’s so weird and like I’ve seen him every day since then except like two days and I saw him yesterday but it feels like forever that I haven’t seen him and we’ve talk nonstop and we both thinks it’s really weird how we connect, like I wanna see him all the time. I feel like I known him more than a month and or even longer.Does this mean I’m fallin in love?? Like what is happening?! I’ve had so many relationships in the past even where I lived with my ex boyfriend but never felt like this. I took philosophy class in the past and now it’s just making me insane. Like I have the urge to say I love u later on and I’ve only known him for 9 days!