Destiny •

So about a month ago I posted asking if any one has ever tried the fertibella ttc kit. I ordered a lot and was wondering how my chances would be. This was my kit.

That little bottle comes with 30 pills. -enough for a whole month ofc-

Well I only took a few... and two weeks ago I got this beautiful result

I couldn't believe it, I took SIX test and they were all positives!

The ttc kit didn't give me ANY side effects (I always took it after eating)

Now I can't promise if the ttc kit is what got me pregnant or if it was just perfect timing in my cycle (my cycle is irregular and beyond difficult to track) or if it was the preseed my husband and I used.

I also stuck my legs in the air every time I ate pomegranates and pineapple (even the core) I did it all.

If you're thinking about getting the fertibella ttc kit I recommend it! 💕 baby dust to all you beauties still waiting on the BFP 💕 best of luck to you all!😊