Feels like I'm going crazy 😣😣😣


First time mom with a month old baby girl here and no real support system to speak of...my S.O. is away at work all day and is too worn out in the evenings to be of much help, aside from cuddling and changing her for a couple hours while I clean up dinner and prepare for bed. He's more helpful on weekends, but gets impatient with her quickly if she gets fussy or does anything else "frustrating" that most babies do - stuff that I'm used to by now, haha. I don't have any other mom friends and the few friendships I did have, fizzled out with the new addition to the family. It's nearly impossible to get out of the house at the moment, as it's very cold here and the flu and colds are running rampant locally. I've been trying to transition baby girl to her own room over the last couple weeks to try to help us all sleep better at night, but it's only successful for about half the night - she spends the rest being fussy or just wide awake. Believe me, I work to keep down the night/day confusion, keep her to a regular feeding schedule, and don't allow her to nap for too long during the day. I read all I can online to try my best, yet I truly feel like a single parent and am at my wit's end from lack of sleep and just general frustration. "Sleep when baby sleeps" during the day is bullshit 😕 That's the one moment I have a chance to take a shower, eat a meal, do laundry or dishes, make bottles, and on and on. How do I cope and not go nuts???