Frustrated Vent.

My younger sibling keeps sending me political propaganda and its really pissing me off. We dont share the same views at all. He doesnt get it. He cant understand that my views are influenced by the mostly the fact that I'm gay. I don't support people that spread hate. I dont support those that treat woman like objects and blame the victim in cases of assault and rape as I have the unfortunate luck of being assaulted as a teenager and I said nothing. He believes all these non sense things he reads on the internet about the government implanting trackers and anti vax propaganda and chem trails. I'm just so done and so angry. I dont even know if I want to stay in touch with him. I know he is family but he is literally sending me crap like once a week and I never send him anything. I told him to back off and he laughed and called me a child. Im nearly 30 with a wife and child ffs.

Just needed to vent that alittle.