Toddler Tantrum Help


My 19 month old daughter has me at my wits end. I’ve been trying my best to ignore the tantrums but sometimes I have to react as she’ll throw herself down on the floor and oftentimes this means almost cracking her head on the edges of furniture or the hard floor. She’s throwing tantrums for reasons I can’t decipher as well. I could understand if she was trying to do something and it wasn’t working but she will literally have a meltdown while playing with a doll. For instance, about 10 times today she had a doll, laid it on a diaper, i helped her put it on and then she freaked out because the doll was wearing the diaper. So I took it out of the diaper and she got mad because it wasn’t wearing the diaper. She’s constantly showing this kind of behavior and it feels like she just throws tantrums all day long every day.

We recently brought her newborn baby brother home but she was starting to act this way before we had him so I don’t think it’s related. She doesn’t behave this way around anyone else but me. She might act like this a little for my husband but its mostly just me. How do I deal? I’m trying to balance her n her newborn brother on little to no sleep and I may lose my mind. It’s only week two and I’m losing it.