Funny anal story

Ok so this happened the first time me and my boyfriend decided to have anal I am not a big fan it's just not for me well anyway here we go

So we are kissing then we start to 69 for a few minutes getting in the mood.

Well he ends up putting me on my back and went down on me for like 5 minutes.

Then he comes up and starts kissing me and sticks his thing in my vag first because I was not ready for anal just yet.

Well he is going at it then he pulls out spits on his fingers and then wipes it on my but 😐 then he shoves the hole thing in my a** 😑🤬

Like no lube at all well I go with it because he liked it (never again that shit hurts )

Well as he is getting there he starts rubbing my clit and i started to like it.

Then he pulls out and puts it back in my vag and I freak out telling him he is going to give me an infection 🤣 ( I was 16 )

Well he is like it's ok then he pulls out and shoves it back in my a**. No lube at all this time not even spit. Well he says I am getting ready to cum so I am like ok go for it.

This is were it gets really funny

He says I am cuming and he is still on top of me for like 2 minutes I am like get off now he says I am still cuming I am like no way well 2 more minutes past and he finally pulls out.

All of the sudden I feel this gush come out of me all down my sids and everywhere. ( I was sick early that day and thought I still had the runs)

So i say grab a towel I shit myself 😓 so he gets one and I stand up and start wiping off it's still running out of me and I look and it is clear??? 🤔 so I was like that's not shit.

He started laughing so I smelled what was running down my legs and I couldn't tell then I smelled the bed 😑😑

He legit pissed in my ass. He thought it was so funny. I was pissed I asked him why he didn't pull out when he had to pee he said well I knew I had to pee before we started but I thought I could cum first. 😑😑

I said why didn't you pull out when you started to piss he said I honestly thought I was cuming he thought he was cuming for 5 minutes 🤣 like please I can laugh about this now as this was 3 years ago and I have told no one but I just cant keep it in any more