Vanishing twin. Can I still find out the gender early?

So I’m 13 weeks pregnant and found out at 7 weeks I had a vanishing twin. At the ultrasound yesterday the sac wasn’t there anymore. I keep hearing conflicting things about getting genetic screening and finding out gender. I could have found out at 10 weeks but decided not to after I was told it would just make me a nervous wreck Bc it would likely pick up a genetic defect of the twin and I was also told the gender results won’t be accurate if they weren’t identical. I’m 39 and am high risk so I really want to know about genetic conditions and also find out the gender before 20 weeks. Im meeting with an MFM specialist on Thursday to go over all this. Anyone have experience with a vanishing twin and were you still able to find out about genetic abnormalities early and also gender or were you told the same thing as me??