Spotting at 34 weeks

Hunter • 27, married, 2 fur babies 🐶🐶, and had baby girl 3/6/19❤️

I’m 34+1 and this afternoon I started having some bright red spotting when I wiped. I took a clean piece of toilet paper after I was done wiping and gently pushed it up there to make sure that that is where the blood was coming from and I sure enough, there was even more blood.

So I called my doc and she said to come to her office to get checked out. Everything with the baby looked great, per usual. Then she did an internal exam and swabbed. THERE WAS NO BLOOD OR ANYTHING. So she decided to send me to the lab for a full urine analysis. When I went to collect my urine sample, I wiped up there BEFORE going and a blood clot the size of a raisin and fresh blood came out again. When I got home, she called me with the results and said that my urine had protein (not surprising because I’ve been being monitored for preeclampsia since it was first detected at 30 weeks but I don’t have any other symptoms and bp is great), ketones, and traces of blood in it. She thinks I might have a stone and am dehydrated (which I do agree with the dehydrated part) or something🙄.

I respect that a doctor can only go by what they see and I swear I’m not some kind of hypochondriac but I know the blood is not exclusively coming from my urinary track. Not once in this pregnancy have I had any form of bleeding. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would swear my period was starting. I’m sure it’s not anything to worry about but I hate feeling crazy. Has anyone else experienced this?