Birth story

Kamaria • ❣️ First time mom❣️ Due January 30, 2019💗👶🏽👩‍👧

So lucky me, I had my babygirl one day before my due date. After I was just on this app posting a picture about completely being sick of pregnancy, later on that evening my babygirl decided it was her time to make the grand appearance!

Around 6:30 my mom and I decided to take my nephew to the local YMCA for a family swim. I was in the pool for about 20 minutes and then got the biggest contraction that said it’s time to leave and go home and see where these go. So I get home around 7:15 contractions are about 8 minutes apart so I start walking around my house for an hour to see if they get closer and they did!

At about 8:45 I decided to go to the hospital because I just knew it was time. Got there at 9:15 was already 4cm and definitely in labor so they decided to keep me. At 11:30 I was 5cm and I was screaming for the epidural. First try didn’t work..... sadly I was PISSED. Second try I couldn’t feel anything! After I got the epidural my water broke. Once my water broke those contractions came so quick, like boom boom!!! At 2:30 I told the nurse I have to push, so they got the midwife she came in to check me and she said oh yeah your ready to push. I started pushing at 2:55 and my babygirl was born at 3:10am weighing 6lbs 10oz & 19inches long.

Let me just say how lucky I am that my labor was so quick! And I dilated so quickly I was shocked!!! Motherhood is an amazing feeling and I wouldn’t change this for anything!!!

Meet my beautiful princess Zaniyah Ivy💗🥰