First trimester & feeling down 😔

Josie • Wife || Toddler Mama || Twins Due Oct ‘21 ♥️

Before I got pregnant I was really active. Exercised at least an hour 5-6 times a week. I loved HIIT workouts, weights, cardio, yoga, etc.

Here I am now almost at 12 weeks pregnant and my motivation/energy to exercise is no where to be found. Exercise gave me energy and made me so happy! I never looked at exercise as a chore or forced thing, I always looked forward to it! But now with my appetite all over the place and my energy levels decreased (but better than weeks 6-10!) I just feel so discouraged.

Diabetes runs in my family and my mom got gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with me. I’ve always strived to be healthy during my pregnancy. Thanks my body says something else! My tastebuds crave pizza and ham and cheese sandwiches. I’m eating things I wouldn’t even bother to eat before pregnancy and most healthy foods sounds repulsive to me.

Does any one have any experience or advice for overcoming this? I know it will probably get better second trimester...but I’m 12 weeks tomorrow and I just feel so discouraged and impatient with my body feeling so down (although I understand that I’m building a baby).

I’ve considered finding a pregnancy safe energy booster etc but no luck yet...