Update***Have you been to l&d for decreased movement?

Heather K

Think I might need to go in. My baby hasn't been near as active, especially during his favourite time of day- early in the morning.

What will they hook us up to? What should I expect? Going to give him a little longer...praying he starts moving around.. so scared..


I've tried juice, flash light, loud music, a sweet treat, laying on my side, laying something cold on my tummy, and messing with my belly. I had a few movements but nothing like he usually gives me. I went back to sleep (he usually wakes me up in my sleep) he has not either time.. so I'm back up now and will give it one more hour. If nothing- this is HIGHLY unlike him and we will be heading in!

Update 2-----

Movement has picked up a little bit. I called the doctor and left a message.

She had told me at my last appointment that 10 kicks in a DAY is good. I've always heard 10 kicks an hour is good.

I would get 10 kicks a day at this rate.. not reaching 10 an hour though. Waiting for a call back. If he stops moving again, I'm going in whether I hear from her or not.

Update 3----

They asked me to come in so of course we did. At first there was some concern that the heart rate wasn't fluctuating like it was suppose to. I was given cold water (which I didn't think would help) but it did. They got what they were looking for and said it was textbook perfect and that most likely little man is having some lazy days. The nst is good for another 3 days unless of course he stops moving altogether. Saturday if there is less movement than now, they want us back. After all this, and a heavy meal, he's been much more active. Thank God!

Looking forward to his birth where I can watch him like a hawk and not have to be hooked up to do so lol

Thank you ladies!