Anyone else’s dreams get crushed today by a period 🙄

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I swear every month is the same I loose my mind checking for ovulation and once it finally comes I attack hubby so many times he needs a week to recuperate and then I spend the next 2 weeks looking wayyy to into every little hiccup thinking “omg maybe this is it maybe I’m pregnant” so I practically live at Walmart and the bathroom buying tests and taking tests. I sit here all day long examining the tests like my life depends on it and my hubby thinks I’m going psychotic because I swear I see something and he sees nothing and then bam af shows up and ruins everything! I then spend the next 5 days crying and drinking then start the crazy show all over again! When will this be over when will I finally get those 2 pink lines and when will I finally have one stick! My doctor thinks I have endometriosis and is giving me 2 months to ttc then he’s doing surgery which idk what he means by that I’m just loosing it! Who else just lost all hope by af showing up today