What about sex.

So I told my bestie I was a virgin. I told everyone I was a virgin except one person I talked to since 8th. And I’m chemistry class my bestie and the girl that knew..... omggggg we were talking about having sex and blah blah blah when my bestie is all like can’t relate and I was like me either. Omggg she had the audacity to say “yes you had sex and you had it in your house with a guy named ******” and I was like what the fuckkkk. Who would say that and kept kicking her and she wouldn’t shut uppppp. And my bestie just looked at me like qué pedo but, honestly that’s the truth I had sex a few times that’s why I didn’t want to tell her cause she’s going to think I’m a hoe!!!! That’s totally 6 years ago guys