Not a miscarriage but a fetal loss

In 2017 i was pregnant with my first voy i have two girls 12 and 4. I was about 5 months pregnant when i lost him. It was a very long and devastating experience for me and my significant other. I was at work and went to the bathroom noticed i was slowly leaking fluid not knowing that my water had broken due to not experiencing that with my daughters went ER and they tild me my water broke and bc i wasnt far enough along my son wouldnt survive mind u when i went there he had a heart beat and all they had to give medication to deliver him bc i honestly wanted to hold him. I went to postpartum depression after leaving hospital. 2 weeks later i had to go back to ER due not feeling well i had an infection (placenta was left in my uterus) they found after doing an ultrasound. After a again glgiving me medication for the placenta to come out gradually i wasnt in hospital 2 days on the second day i passed out in bathroom thank God my Husband was there i had to be rushed in to surgery lost so much blood and blood pressure was so low i had to placed in a medically induced coma for 24hrs.That entire experience was hard for my family bc i almost didnt make it. Now my husband wants to try again i do to but i honestly think were both terrified.