So I always knew that there was a possibility of having my baby before we were able to close and move into our new 3 bedroom home. With my due date of Feb 28 (40weeks) and an estimated closing date of March 1, I still thought maybe theres a chance we can do both at the same time or move in before baby arrives if I went later.

Now we are being given a closing date of March 11 (I'd be 41w 4d). I'm disappointed because I did not want to be in our tiny 1 bed apartment for too long with a newborn, our noisy cat, and my husband having to get up for work so early. There's no place to hide from or put the cat away. I have no idea how he is going to react or adapt and vice versa with the baby.

My husband doesn't get any paid time off so we were planning on him being home for only 1 week instead of 2. but if baby comes weeks earlier than moving and then we move, that's a lot of work he is missing and it will be difficult to pay our first month in the new place. let alone now we have to pay for March in the apartment.

AND I feel so unprepared to have a baby in our apartment. I was counting on moving first or very soon, not weeks later. what are the bare minimum essentials I need to survive those first few weeks? I plan to breastfeed but still feel so unprepared!