How is everyone handling sex these days?

Taya • Mommy to Elliotte: 7/9/17 💕 Baby due 3/17/19

So during my first pregnancy I wanted zero sex. This time around, my husband and I had lots of great sex, especially between weeks 13-30. It was awesome. But now, at almost 34 weeks, I’m just too tired, big, and full of heartburn, back pain, etc. you ladies all know how it is. I’m not ready to stop having sex, but I just want to cut back! I don’t want to feel pressured!

But my husband is getting frustrated. He has a high sex drive and I can sense that he’s not cool with having less sex. How is everyone else handling sex during these last weeks?

On a side note, I also have an 18 month old who just dropped her afternoon nap and my husband works a lot, so I don’t get much down time. I have a million things to get done before this baby arrives, and sometimes this mama wants to use her only free hour to chill, rather than have sex!