B Belly—did you pop?!?

Kelly • Mom of 💙🧒🏼 (2-25-11) and 🌈 🎀 👶🏼( 7-23-19) currently pregnant with number 3️⃣🎀 (7-26-2021)!

Just learned the term B Belly today and it perfectly describes my belly! Only 9 weeks but I’m already rounding on top and of course my saggy pooch from baby #1 is still soft and hanging down. I was much thinner 8 years ago with him, and today I’m missing that perfect little round bump. Posting 9 weeks and 4 weeks so you can see the progression (and it’s not just from eating more 😂). Show me your B Bellies, your Popped Bellies, your Bloated Bellies! Need to see more plus size mom tums so I don’t feel so alone.