Birth story


So it all started on Friday November 30th , 2018. I was having contractions that night and decided to go get checked out. I was in early labor and having amazing contractions BUT they were not diolating me. So the nurse I had was amazing and she thought I would have him on December 1st, so she went ahead and hot everything ready for Ayden (my son). After hours of keeping me they finally sent me home at 3 cm diolated and with some tylonel. I continued to have contractions and hardly got any sleep. When I did end up falling asleep the contractions faded away but shortly come back once I was awake and moving. I timed them and let them grow stronger and eventually went back to the womens center. Once I got back later that day I was STILL 3cm diolated, they watched me for maybe a hour checked me again and had no progress and this time they decided to give me morphine and sent me home to rest. Well the contractions stopped and I slept all night and most of the day Saturday. Once again, the contractions started back and kept growing stronger and stronger. On Sunday morning at 2am I arrived back at the center and this time I was 4cm but my contractions were not where they needed to be this time. First, they broke my water waited about 10 mins to see if they started to pick up which they did slightly. Also when they broke my water she said he had pooped in the sac. So with that being the case the special care nursery had to be in there at the time of delivery. They started me on pitocin and they contractions defiantly picked up and were back to back. I decided to get the epidural. Which sucked I'm sitting there feeling like I'm gonna fall off the bed and then HE HITS A VESSEL. I was almost done with my epidural having contractions back to back and he has to start this shit all over again. I wanted to smack him even tho it was not his fault it just was not a dry spot. So here i am dying on the edge of the bed titties everywhere and his taking his sweet time putting it in. FINALLY it's done and starts to relieve my pain, but no another problem has shown itself. My blood pressure drops low and I'm gagging feeling like I'm gonna throw up so they rush to push something into my iv and turn the epidural down a tad and finally my blood pressure comes back up. Now I'm just waiting on my sweet boy to make his arrival. They put me on a peanut ball and keep rotating me because my cervix was still thick and slowly diolating. At about 9 am I was at a 5. They recheck me again at 11 and I was a 7. This is with continued rotation with the ball in between my legs. My mom leaves to go have lunch with my uncle at about 12 and then my fiance leaves about 12 also because they were saying it was gonna be awhile. RIGHT AFTER THEY BOTH LEAVE I start hurting and feeling nauseas again they check my blood pressure and it's not that. They check my cervix and it's time to push. I'm at 10cm and 2+. My mother in law is trying to call Chris (my fiance) and she also calls my mom who gets there before he does. CHRIS WOULD NOT ANSWER HIS PHONE. He said he didn't hear it, go figure. I'm already pushing when my mom gets there but i had just started. CHRIS is still nowhere to be found and I thought he was gonna miss it. His mom runs out to the parking lot and he's just pulling back in and she tells him to hurry because I'm pushing. So they all run back in and when he gets in there I almost have the head out, 4 more pushes and my sweet baby boy was here. He had a broken collar bone but his breathing was good! Ayden Alden Stoddard born December 2nd at 12:36 pm. 8 pounds 12 oz and 21 3/4 inches long.

Hope you enjoyed my story and good luck to all of the mammas soon to experience their own birth.

3 generations of Stoddards 👇