Getting away from abuse


Sooo my SO was amazing (how they always start out) until a little bit after we got a house together . He is verbally and mentally abusive to me when he gets mad. We found out we were expecting a baby && he has expressed how happy and excited he was everyday since....

But tonight he flipped out over a board game in front of my 5yo (which is a huge no no for me) , starting yelling and talking crazy like usual but then .... he said he wanted me to get an ABORTION.... my heart shattered into pieces I punched him in the chest (which I know was wrong and stupid) but I was shocked I couldn’t believe that the man who I love and had been so happy about our baby could say that ... I want this baby so bad && I’m so happy about it ... am I stupid if I keep the baby & just do it on my own? I’m just scared cause I want him gone& I want my baby to be healthy && I don’t want to lose it.